What To Do When Your Home is Flooded By A Tropical Storm Or Hurricane

Houston weather can be unpredictable, but Emergency Restoration is here to help!

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Houston’s hurricane season can cause intense water damage to your home. Hurricane flooding is no joke — the impact of water damage can severely affect your home’s structure and integrity. If you have been affected by hurricane flooding, here are a few steps to take next.

 Storm damaged roof on house with a blue plastic tarp over hole in the rooftop.

Find out if insurance will cover damages.

The amount that your insurance covers may surprise you. Many people believe that their insurance will only cover the bare minimum, but many plans cover most hurricane-related damage caused by factors such as wind or water. It’s important to reach out to your provider immediately after your home incurs hurricane damage. We work with all insurance companies and will be there every step of the way to ensure your home is restored to its original condition.

Trees are swaying due to strong winds and rain during hurricane storm.

Stay safe until the storm has passed.

As tempting as it is to remain close to your belongings, it’s important to keep your family in a safe area away from the storm until it is gone. If all levels of your home are flooded and permit unhealthy living conditions, you should find another place to stay. Keep an eye out for Houston’s news stations, as they typically provide frequent updates on hurricane situations.

Flooded bedroom with high water line and floating furniture.

Remove all valuable and personal items.

If you do need to evacuate in an emergency, make an effort to pack anything that is valuable or personal. Try to keep things that cannot be replaced, but remember that you can’t take everything. Make a list of items to take with you in case of an emergency so that you are prepared in the event that one happens. It’s also advisable to pack ahead of time to save yourself time if you need to leave in a hurry. Upon your return home, let us take care of water removal and restoration, to get your home feeling like new in no time!

Close up of water flooding on living room floor in a house.

Call a water removal expert to restore your home.

We know how scary it can be when your house suffers from water damage. Our expert services bring back your peace of mind, restoring your home to normalcy in no time, even after an intense hurricane or flood.

At Emergency Restoration of Houston, we are committed to bringing you 24/7 service during hurricane season. Difficult black out periods and cold winters are daunting times for your family, but we aim to relieve your stress as quickly as possible. Be sure to call us today if your home has experienced any water damage from hurricane flooding.

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