Flood Damage Restoration

The waters may rise, but Emergency Restoration is here to help!

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Trees are swaying due to strong winds and rain.

Call the Experts

When the waters start rising, panic! Don’t try to clean it up yourself, call the water restoration experts right away. Whether it’s due to a Houston hurricane, a burst pipe, or a faulty washing machine, the team at Emergency Restoration of Houston can help mitigate damage and restore your home to new. Don’t take on the water yourself, call us now!

Close up of water flooding on living room parquet floor in a house - damage caused by water leakage

We’ll Be There Every Step of The Way!

When you call our emergency restoration team, we’ll be there within an hour. We know that your home is your priority, your safety, your peace of mind, so we don’t delay. And, we don’t just sop up the water and go — we are there every step of the way. With more than 20 years of experience serving the Houston community, we know exactly what water can do to residences, and we’ve got the skills and tools to thwart and repair damage.

In this shot, flooring has been removed to reveal extent of water damage

Water Extraction and Removal

The first step in restoration is getting the water out. Our expert extraction techniques will reduce further damage and begin the restoration process. Beyond simply getting rid of puddles, we extract water from walls and other structural materials. To prevent mold and mildew growth, we go the extra mile to ensure there is no moisture left behind. “Good enough” is not good enough for us! Once it’s thoroughly dry, we can begin the process of remodeling and rebuilding.

 Water damaged floor and wall, leakage in an old building

Remodel and Rebuild

We know how scary it can be when your house suffers from water damage. Our expert services bring back your peace of mind, restoring your home to normalcy in no time. In addition to clearing out the water and reducing the threat of mold growth, our team can handle all of the remodel and rebuild related to water damage of structural materials, including foundation, support beams, and drywall. We’ll have your home looking better than it did before the damage occurred!

At Emergency Restoration of Houston, we are committed to bringing you 24/7 service because we know water damage doesn’t happen during regular business hours. Be sure to call us today if your home has experienced any form of flood damage.