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How Emergency Restoration of Houston Handles Water Mitigation

water leaking out from dishwasher

Prevent Any Further Water Damage

The first step to tackling water damage restoration is to find the source of the issue and to remedy it. Our professionals will swiftly locate the source or cause of flooding or standing water in your home or business.

ceiling being disassembled to service pipes

Clean & Restore The Entire Affected Area

Our Houston area water damage repair staff will provide all the necessary support needed to remove excess water and salvage all your affected belongings.

sandbags outside home to prevent flooding

Provide Protection Plans & Education

As part of our water damage remediation plan, our team is happy to answer all your questions and to provide information, tips, and tricks to prevent the issue from occurring again!

fan and dehumidifier

Beginning The Water Damage Restoration Process

As soon as you encounter any sort of residential or commercial water damage, Emergency Restoration of Houston is available for on-call appointments, providing quick response times within the hour. After assessing the situation and the amount of damage incurred, our professionally-trained staff begins the process of removing any standing water; this involves using commercial-grade fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the affected area and remove any unwanted moisture. Our specialized water damage repair equipment is designed to prevent mold from growing in the following weeks!

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home reconstruction

Protecting Valuable Possessions & Starting The Rebuild

As our Emergency Restoration of Houston water damage experts carry out your remediation plan, we will also help you to remove personally valuable or monetarily valuable items from the affected area; this must be accomplished as soon as possible to ensure the objects do not incur unnecessary damage. From there, you can expect thorough, professional service as we remove any excess water or moisture from your home or business space. Once the water damage is mitigated, our team moves forward with the restoration and rebuilding portion of our water damage repair plan. It’s our goal to help you get your living or working space back to its original state so you can never tell anything ever happened!

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Don’t try to handle flood or water damage mitigation all on your own! Our water damage restoration team will be there whenever you need to take care of the situation and to prevent any further damage (i.e. mold growth). Learn more about our expert water damage repair team and contact us right away at the first sign of trouble!

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