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Inside Our Water Damage Repair Process

standing floodwater in basement

Removing Any Standing Floodwater

Our Emergency Restoration of Houston team specializes in extracting excess water following any sort of damage or flooding.

industrial dehumidifier in moldy room

Drying Out The Space

Our Houston area restoration company will bring in commercial-grade fans and dehumidifiers to get rid of any moisture.

flooring being replaced after water damage

Full Water Damage Restoration

If your home or commercial building experiences intense water damage, our team will perform any and all necessary repairs.

broken pipe spraying water

Beware of Several Water Damage Sources

Our Emergency Restoration of Houston team is experienced in responding to any sort of water damage, whether it be during hurricane season or in the middle of winter. We believe in the importance of educating our clients on the ins and outs of water damage restoration, and are dedicated to providing quic, effective services no matter the time of day or night. This sort of residential or commercial damage can stem from a variety of sources, including:

  • Burst or leaking pipes

  • Appliance malfunctions

  • Severe weather

  • Blocked drains

  • Clogged gutters

  • And more!

In fact, it is very common for our water damage restoration experts to encounter flooded basements, and we have the right tools and processes needed to resolve the issue quickly. If you encounter any sort of issue in your home or commercial building, give us a call!

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flooded basement, flooring being removed

Project Yourself — Avoid DIY Repairs!

When you as a home or business owner first encounter signs of flooding or water damage, you may want to inspect further and attempt to initially remedy the situation. However, as devastating and inconvenient as water damage can be, it’s critical to avoid getting knee-deep into the situation. Our water damage restoration team advises our clients to never attempt cleaning up the situation or starting repairs themselves; this is because standing water can increase your risk of electric shocks and (depending on water source) can cause sickness. Instead of putting your health and well-being in danger, we encourage you to reach out for quick, one-hour response time from our on-call staff!

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Leaking pipe

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You have enough to worry about — don’t try to take care of water damage repairs on your own! Contact Emergency Restoration of Houston and our professionally-trained team will clean up any water damage you may be experiencing, ensuring it is done correctly. With our help, your home will look brand new in no time at all! Browse our website for more information and call us during any emergency!

Call Us Any Time For Service Within One Hour

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No one wants to experience water damage, but if it happens to you, you can trust Emergency Restoration of Houston to get your home back to where it was before the damage (or better!) We’ll work with you every step of the way. Contact us for a quote.

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